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About SmartStart

Maryland SmartStart is a new initiative to help Marylanders find the right path of state support for higher education and debt relief needs. There are three components to the initiative to ensure all Marylanders, students, grads, and parents/families are fully equipped to make the most of their higher education experiences.


Information for Students

Are you a student currently enrolled in college or looking to enroll? If so, you’ve found the right place! Maryland SmartStart can help you find the right support for your higher education journey. There are several helpful resources to help you navigate life as a student, including the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), other federal aid, deadlines, and more:


Information for Graduates

Congratulations on completing your college education, graduate! We commend you for putting in the hard work and long hours to earn a degree in higher education or a technical vocation. Sometimes it can be challenging to navigate postgraduate life, so we’re to help with student loan debt relief and home-buying assistance from the State of Maryland:


Information for Parents

This is the place for the proud parents of children preparing for and attending college! A college education is one of most important and largest investments that you’ll make. Starting to save early and take advantage of tax deductions offered by the State of Maryland can help ease the financial aspects of seeking higher education for your child. Get started today, links below: